Ibanez SRT-805DX 5-String Electric Bass

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Ibanez SRT-805DX 5-String Electric Bass

The Ibanez SR805DX is a seriously powerful bass with great looks and tone to match, from the low B to the top fret on the G string. Neck-thru construction for longer sustain and US-made EMG(R) pickups push these animals into the realm of modern, hi-tech sound. The EMG(R) 40DC pickups reproduce just about anything from the cleanest highs right down to the dirtiest growling lows. Add perfect 3D-contoured ergonomics, arched top and scooped back body and you have "The Modern Bass" - ultimate gear for today's bass race.

- Maple/Bubinga thru-neck construction for super sustain

- Mahogany body with Figured Maple top

- US-made EMG pickups offer plenty of output with balanced tonality

- Ergonomic arched top with scooped back body

- Modern bass look equipped for modern sound

(ID: I-662 )